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Our Heritage

"For us, it is everything to partner with dedicated Japanese tea farmers who are tied to the craft of traditional organic farming in order to serve you healthier and even more powerful matcha." - Frank CEO of MATCHITA LTD

Cherishes An Ancient Craft

At MATCHITA, we’re proud to offer organic-farmed matcha, then only 1% of the tea farms in Japan are organically certified. The exquisite taste and high micro-nutrition content are achieved through a meticulous cultivation process so that you can harness the true spirit of matcha with every sip.

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A Natural Energy Boost

MATCHITA’s exclusively-picked matcha leaves are organically grown on authentic Japanese farms. A unique cultivation method with sun, shade, and mineral-rich spring water, causes the plant to exert its energy into the outer leaves, resulting in flourishing matcha, packed with health-boosting nutrients.

Shine From The Inside Out

Loaded with vitamins and micronutrients, our matcha boosts skin and immune health to leave you looking fresh and feeling energized.

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Our new campaign is all about matcha as the light superfood.

With only 4kcal per serving, matcha is the perfect guilt-free beverage containing many health-beneficial micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as caffeine and L-theanine - for the perfect daily push. 

On top of all, our innovative and light matcha energy drink combines everything in a convenient ready-to-drink can, containing exclusively natural and organic certified ingredients, blasting away the competition. 

Our purpose is tied to the craft of matcha. From origin till your daily cup, we believe MATCHITA can create a positive impact on the community we serve.   

We believe with team play we can provide exceptional quality: from dedicated farmers to processors, over the supply chain to your barista right into your cup. 

United is our call, so we share the story of our farmers and the powerful benefits of matcha with others around the world. 

We are striving to live in synergy with mother nature through respectful cultivation and protection of soil with organic farming and sustainable forestry. 

Our attitude is to constantly improve our product life cycle to become resource positive for the planet.

Organic & FSC Certified

We source exclusively matcha from sustainable agriculture and bamboo from sustainable forestry.

MATCHITA LTD is certified to sell organic foods by Biodynamic Association Certification (GB-ORG-06). Our certificate is available from our control body under certificate reference 797.


MATCHITA LTD is an FSC promotional license holder with code: FSC-N003357. Learn more on



From the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) UK newsletter May 2021:

MATCHITA (FSC®N003357) promotes an energetic and healthy lifestyle, and their products share the powerful benefits of matcha with people around the world. Their matcha tea comes in a ceremonial set, in an FSC-certified bamboo box. MATCHITA believe that use of FSC-certified materials makes a powerful statement and shows a company’s awareness for the conservation of global forests.

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