New Times For A Traditional Drink

We’re MATCHITA …and we’re much more than a brand!

We’re people who continuously seek to bring the best of nature to you…

Always fighting to beat our own high standards, always dreaming of making an impact, and never being afraid of innovation…

But all of this leads to a simple question!

Why do we seek change? 


And the answer is…

✔To reconnect with the nature. To push ourselves and beat our own standards. We seek change to revitalize our spirits and fill them with energy…

✔To keep us strong, independent, and above all, courageous. 

✔To deepen existing friendships and discover new ones. To strengthen bonds.

There are as many reasons why people seek change as there are paths out the door. 

That's why at MATCHITA, we have come up with products containing natural energy from matcha that leverages a superfood gifted to us by nature… 

✔Because we want your experience of energy drinks to be as rewarding as possible. 

✔It’s why we spend the days and nights coming up with the most ergonomic design and source the safest materials from across the globe… 

It’s also why, as a company, MATCHITA runs differently…

We want a closer, more direct conversation with you. So, there’s no middle man and no markups in cost. 

This gives us the freedom to innovate without cutting a single corner…

There are thousands of reasons why people seek change! 

Each as meaningful and rewarding as the next. 

And that is why, with MATCHITA – whatever your path is, enjoy the journey, make an impact!

We Don’t Just Stop There…

We Keep On Giving Back So You Have An Experience Unlike Anything! 



Is Proof that We Care…

Harvesting Tea Leaf

Our matcha is from sustainable agriculture. 

MATCHITA LTD is certified to sell organic foods by Biodynamic Association Certification (GB-ORG-06). Our certificate is available from our control body under the certificate reference 797.


Our bamboo is from well managed forests and FSC certified. 

By choosing this product, you help take care of the world’s forests.

Learn more:

MATCHITA LTD is a FSC promotional license holder with code: FSC-N003357

Image by Lan Pham
Not a fan of energy drinks?
Here enjoy our Traditional Matcha Drink 
Some ways it can help...

Our organic and ethically sourced premium matcha tea is a slightly sweet ceremonial grade powder from the highest quality with powerful natural ingredients, which help restore the body's immunity.


The combination of caffeine and l-theanine in MATCHITA's highest grade matcha provides a clean and extended boost of energy - different than the nervous effect with coffee or energy drinks.

Calm and focus thoughts, stop overanalyzing and simple start being in the present moment.


The combination of caffeine and l-theanine, an amino acid, do wonders for the body, making this matcha the ideal tea for weight loss. It utilises fat as an energy source, which helps activate and boost the body’s fat burning activities.


Add matcha to your weight loss plan to help naturally boost your metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn daily. Feel full between meals and resist the sneaky snacks.

Drinking MATCHITA’s matcha puts you in a better mood, increases happiness, and makes you feel good inside.


With the highest antioxidant level of any naturally occurring substance, our matcha powder is great for protecting the skin against UV damage, improving skin elasticity and keeping your complexion fresh and healthy.


The catechins in matcha deactivate free radicals in the skin and help slow signs of aging. With improved skin, you can walk out of your house feeling more radiant and confident.


Looking to swap your daily latte for something more naturally refreshing, energy boosting, and nutritious? Try our fresh and delicious matcha green tea! It is designed to help you feel revitalised without the downsides of typical energy drinks or coffee.

Drink it hot or iced, with water or milk, and enjoy the amazing taste.


Simply sift 1/2 teaspoon of matcha in your Japanese ceramic bowl, add water, whisk vigorously until frothy, and your matcha is ready to drink!


To maximise the nutrients from matcha, we recommend drinking 1 cup a day.

Order today to give your body the advantages from Matcha!